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World Of Warcraft Brian Kopps 1-70 Alliance Guide.


This is one of the first eBooks that I am going to be reviewing on World of Warcraft eBooks and I must say that it is one of the best. Entitled World Of Warcraft Brian Kopps 1-70 Alliance Guide. It is all about leveling and improving your Alliance Character in the World of Warcraft.
This guide was written by Brian for any class. Although it is written from a hunter class, it can be picked up by anyone and used by any alliance race. People that say its only for hunter is wrong. This guide is also written for the Burning Crusade expansion pack so your not left out if you want to use the new Draenei race.

Through out this review I will explain each part of the guide so you can get a better understanding of what is included before you put your money down. For any of the images clicking them will take you to a larger version.

General Tips

At the beginning of the eBook, past all of the welcome message is the tips section. Part of it acting on how to use the eBook it gives some basic tips which can be used to help you go through the game and level you character in the most effective means possible.

For example on tip present isWorld Of Warcraft Brian Kopps 1-70 Alliance Guide

"If you ever find yourself running from any monsters, strafe left and right fast. The monster follows the same path you do so when you turn or go left, it does too. This really slows them down and will almost always allow you to get away. This is also how you train mobs because they can’t keep up with you unless they’re really fast."
This like one of the many tips present is a real insight. I didn't really know how to use this, I've been playing for a medium length of time and this really helped me out.
through out his guide there are loads of tips like this. They just really help you out when your in a time of need.

Starting Areas

After you have read and hopefully learned all of the tips the guide follows onto the starting areas. As you may be well aware this is where you character starts out when you pick a new character. These are Human, Night Elf, Gnome, Dwarf and Draenei and all have specific starting guides for each area. Except Dwarf/Gnome as these start in the same area.

World Of Warcraft Brian Kopps 1-70 Alliance GuideThe image above shows what is included in each of the starting areas. This part of the starting guide continues to 92 steps each with links to images and quest helps from places like Thottbot. This is just an example but it is very similar for all of the other races.

Level Area

The next step of the guide continues much on the same level for each of the races. It goes through each of the level areas tells you which quests are the best to complete and where to move on next. Each is plain English and very easy to follow. There are no complicated moves or routes that you have to take.
It doesn't say stay in this spot and grind here for 10 hours. Thats boring and people would get very bored very quickly. Its all done through quests which makes it so fun to accomplish and rewarding.

The Mod

Of course one of the other great features that is also included with the eBook package is the mod that comes with it. Used to help you find the item and quest locations it is a great help.

World Of Warcraft Brian Kopps 1-70 Alliance Guide
This a tremendous help. You of course don't need to wonder around aimlessly that is mentioned over there in the distance somewhere you can get to the location precisely. With out the need to fumble about.

The Outland (Level 60 -70)

As well as the 1 - 60 levels that you can go through. You can also quest and level through Outland present in the expansion pack The Burning Crusade. As part of the added on feature it again details every little move that you have to go through. Including maps with coordinates it is very clear what you need to do. For example take a look at the following picture.

World Of Warcraft Brian Kopps 1-70 Alliance GuideOf course this is very similar to the other parts of the guide (Note the Red indicates items). This part of the guide is really detailed and gives you a lot of insight on how to complete this part of outland.


One final note, this is a great eBook and I suggest that you visit the product page and click the buy now at the bottom on the page because this is definitely the eBook to buy if you need any help in leveling and playing you World of Warcraft Alliance Character.

Just a quick recap:
  • Digital Download
  • Mac and PC Compatible, its in .Pdf format.
  • NO hacks, cheats or work around's used. This guide is 100% legitimate. You will not get you account banned.
  • 100's of pages of tips. As shown in the above images these are jam packed quality tips to help you out.
  • Available for all Races and Class in WOW.
  • Will help any level of player.
So I suggest you visit the Product Page, scroll all the way down and click order now and get you eBook within minutes. Priced at only $35 it is a bargain. You cannot go wrong.

World Of Warcraft Brian Kopps 1-70 Alliance Guide
4 Stars" A Worthy Product"

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