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A Review of Team iDemise 1 -70 Alliance Levling Guide


I've recently found a really cool eBook on the web from a new group called team iDemise, who are one of the best gaming clans on the internet. Using all the knowledge they have gained from playing World of Warcraft they have put it into a fantastic eBook. They defiantly have the talent and it shines through in the eBook. If you are ready to begin I shall present you: Team iDemise 1 - 70 Alliance Leveling Guide.


This book promisies that you can get from level 1 in any race of the Alliance side, that is Humans, Night Elves, Dwarves, Draenei and Gnomes to level 70 in just days, and reading through this eBook it certainly can be done. Through out this review I am going to give you a snap shot of what is included on the pages and what you can gain from it.

The first section of this guide is the contents and tips section (although the contents was missing from my review copy) which gives you general tips and tricks to help you on your way. Below you will find a screen shot of the first couple of lines.
Although these tips may not be ground breaking they are very useful and are defiantly useful for the first time player.

Starter Zones

The begin point of every persons life in World of Warcraft. This part of a guide is very important for any player learning or indeed leveling to contend with. But this eBook is very well written and easy to follow so it shouldn't be to hard to follow and help you level as quick as possible.
If you take a look at the following image you can get an idea of what is included with the guide.

There a plenty of page which continue in such the same way for all of the starting zones, it offers detailed information of how to start out, which quests to do and how to do them effectively.

Level Zones

Much of the guide follows on in a pretty simple order, for example each of the level sections (20 - 70 at this point) are split into 10 level sections so you can quickly jump to each section to find the information you need. This of course is very useful if you just need that helping hand in an unknown corner of the Azeroth.

The image above is just a random page I picked in the 41 - 50 level sections of the eBook, its just to give you an idea of what is included and how its laid out. As you can see its really clear to use and all the links go to places like thotbot. To give you even more detail on the quests objects and other do dabs.

What Separates this from Other Guides

The reason this guide separates it self from other guide is first its price at $35 its a steal. You get over 100 pages of really detailed information which you can use and put to good use. As well as this is well written and is full of pictures links and help which you could find on obscure places on the internet but why bother since you have it all in one eBook.
Finally you also get a special bonus product which i'll explain below.


Currently the Team are working on a special web page that you can use to tick off the sections that you have completed, this would also include videos linking to that part of the web page. You can take a look at an example image below.

Please bare in mind that this is going to be a FREE update so you wont have to pay for this as a separate product. It is going to be a great feature and I think it is well worth the asking price of $35 plus the eBook.

If you think this product is for you you can go to the product page and find the buy now link at the bottom of the page. It can be yours instantly as it is a product download.
Have fun in World of Warcraft leveling you Alliance Character.

" A Worthy Buy"

Update: Hey the iDemise team have been working very hard on a cool new feature that is about to be released.
Basically the update is concerning a cool new map mod that they are going to include free, into the download package on there members area. The idea of this Mod is so you can easily find way points, quests, leveling zones within the world from you very own map. It is designed to be quick and easy to use with no fuss. Take a sneek peek at the image below for an example.

If you haven't got this eBook yet you are missing out, it is one of the upcoming eBooks and is defiantly going to be big. So get to the download page, scroll all the way down, skip all the free stuff and buy and download right now. Get it.

Creating a Star Rating System" Why haven't you got it?"

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