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I'm afraid that for the next fortnight I'm going on holiday so I won't be able to post till I get back. So in the mean time have fun.

World of Warcraft Gamers Guide w/ Audio Book

Hey There

I've found probably one of the best eBooks on the internet regarding playing World of Warcraft. The reason for this is that it has loads and loads of free material which you can get. This eBook is called World of Warcraft Gamers Guide.

What Do You Get?

In the main part of the guide (the other stuff i'll explain later) is based on helping you get the most out of World of Warcraft.

  • All about World of Warcraft - the who, what, when and where of World of Warcraft, and what makes it so addictive. (page 6-13)

  • Getting Started -A Beginner's Guide: a complete intro to getting started with World of Warcraft - what servers to choose ... races, classes, professions and more. (page 13-19)

  • To Quest or not to Quest? What Quests are and why you might want to consider them. (pages 25-27)

  • Reputation 101: The good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to reputation ... and why it's so important (pages 31-32)

  • Why guilds can be your 'secret' success weapon - commonly overlooked reasons why guilds can help you win more often. (page 33)

  • How to choose a group that helps you win. It's not rocket science - but you'll want to know these important tips when it comes to choosing a group that makes winning easier! (page 34-35)

  • The One-Two Cooldown Punch: The two most important parts to coming up with a cooldown or regeneration strategy that plays to your player's strengths and protects his weaknesses. (page 36-37)

  • How to deal with Death. Why death isn't such a big deal in World of Warcraft and the options you have to make it work for you . (page 38-41)

  • Extra gadgets that ramp up your "picture power". Add these little babies to your toolkit for the extra edge that sets your photos apart from all the rest. (page 28-33)

  • Camera Settings Clinic. The quick & simple guide to all your camera's settings, when & how to use them, and why "Auto" might not be your friend. (page 34-40)

  • What to look out for with instances. All about instances and how they can be both good ... and bad for your gameplay. (page 42)

  • Dealing with dungeons. 14 important tips to consider when you're dealing with dungeons. (page 43-46)

  • Making the most of Mounts. Everything you need to know about mounts and how to use them to make your gameplay stronger. (page 46-49)

  • 57 tips, tricks and strategies for the Beginner. (pages 50-59)

  • 24 more tips, tricks and strategies for the Intermediate player. (pages 50-59)

The Free Stuff

Free stuff is always great. An this product you get a lot of free stuff. The best part is defiantly the free audio book. This means you can listen to the eBook at any time of the day.

As well as this you also get: A leveling guide, a gold guide and a Macro Guide. All valued at over $200. Which you can get for only $27.77

So if you don't want to miss out and get the best World of Warcraft eBook Download Now.

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Elite World of Warcraft, Horde and Alliance Leveling Guide eBook Review

If you have looked over my archive of posts on reviews you will find a variety of different guides that either offer help for Alliance or Horde when leveling your character. But what do you do if you have a character on both sides of the pond. It becomes expensive to by guides for each race. That is why I have found a guide that accommodates both. Titled Elite WOW 1 - 10 Horde and Alliance Leveling Guide For World of Warcraft, it encompasses helping any player level through questing, not grinding, to reach the best level you can be. It also includes a Gold Making Guide as a bonus.

Why Should You Use This Guide

This guide is tailored to every one within World of Warcraft. It offers fantastic help in leveling your character through legitimate means. These means Questing and not grinding. It is not a guide that tells you which spots should be used to grind although it does tell you high level areas. By questing you make the game fun to play. No one should play a game and be bored. That is not the point. It offeres tips and tricks for both sides. Its a 2 in 1 guide.

The information used is designed for all classes and races (which is pretty much the point of the guide). There are separate leveling areas, levels 1 - 12. For all the starting races. For Alliance Gnomes, Dwarves, Humans, Night Elves, Draenei, and Horde Undead, Taurens, Blood Elves, Trolls and Orcs.
As well as this there is also a guide for the 60 - 70 level characters that has just recently been updated. It is current, up to date stuff. There is no need to worry that you are buying an out of date guide.

Each and every step (there are a lot) is supported by links to Thottbot. So you can get more information on every type of quest and item that you are using, or is told by in game. This gives an extra wealth of knowledge. As well as ease to find what you are looking for and how to use if within the game.
A mini gold guide is also included that offers extra tips and tricks to help you make more gold while you are in the higher levels.
Free updates and customer support is also included for life. This isn't a one trip pony.

If you want a piece of the action for only $29 you can go to this order page. The buy button is at the bottom of the page. You can have instant access at any time of the day.

Another Update to the iDemise eBook Package.

Hey There

This is a quick note to say that the iDemise eBook Package has been updated to include the map mod and the interactive web page quest list. This is a great package. You can find more information here.

The Ultimate World of Warcraft Gold Guide Review


Are you ready to experience the ultimate way to make gold in World of Warcraft. If you are then you definitely need to check out The Ultimate Gold Guide as it delivers as promised ways to help you make a lot of Gold.

Whats This Guide About?

Well, as the title implies this guide is about help you make the most Gold in World of Warcraft, in a fun, exciting and legal way. Its shows you different class guides, loots lists; for taking only the best loot. Macro guides, save time by smashing only a couple buttons, instead of all your keypad.

As well as having some of the best areas to mine, and loot, it tells you good areas to collect gold for each level. Including levels 40 and level 70. Your first mounts and those epic mounts are not far away when you start using this guide.

Its constantly updated, so you are always on top of the game. It doesn't use outdated techniques that are patched 3 updates ago. Keeps you in the loop.

Finally it uses techniques that will not get your account banned, the exploits that is uses (although minor) do help in your gold collecting.

If you want to purchase this amazing guide, it costs $37. Which may sound like a lot but you get pages and pages and pages of detailed information which you can use to your hearts content. Every single page is worth its money. In total it is sort of 2 eBooks in one. As it covers The Burning Crusade expansion pack which is an eBook all on its own. If you don't think you can afford it the how come you are paying a monthly subscription to Blizzard?

Get you piece of the action and head over to the product page now. Download Here.

Creating Your Own WoW Business (YOWB) eBook Review


This week I have found a new eBook related to World of Warcraft, but with a little twist. Instead of the usual of leveling or gold guides, this eBook is deigned to give you information about how to make a business out of selling World of Warcraft eBooks. This also includes a complementary eBook which you can sell on to start earning yourself profit. This eBook and the supporting materials is called Your Own WoW Business Set Up Guide or (YOWB for short).

There are a couple of different resources included with this guide: The How-to eBook which tells you what to do, Thinecrons Gold Guide, Affiliate Website, Sales Pages, and eBay Gallery Images. In this review I am going to give a brief over view of each section, so you can get a general idea of what you would be getting if you buy this product.

Your Own WoW Business Guide

This eBook, contains a far amount of detail in the small amount of pages that it contains. The main layout of the eBook is as follows: Guide Selling Tools, eBay, The Web, Affiliate Website and finally Conclusion.

Throughout the eBook it does link to the resource sales materials that are included, so you do have a basis to work on. Through out the eBook it tells you how to use it part of the resources effectively. For example if you take a look at the following screen shot you see what I mean.


One of the first sections of the eBook is about selling on eBay. It gives instructions on how to setup and eBay auction, good keywords to use when selling your World of Warcraft product.

After you have been quizzed up on selling on eBay there is a dedicated section to selling stuff on the web. From person experience there is a lot of ways to make money on the internet, and one of the major places if from websites.

The Web

The next section of the eBook is dedicated to selling eBook products through the internet. This can be done through affiliate marketing such as Clickbank or by a dedicated website direct to buyers.

This part of the eBook gives a lot of information regarding how to sell your products it gives detailed information on how to do this, for example setting up a website, designing it through a web design software.

The Other Stuff

Although the guide may not be that long it does have a lot of supporting materials. For example Thinecrons Gold Guide. Which on its own is a great guide in its self.

Thinecrons Gold Guide

Thinecrons Gold Guide is the free guide you get which yo have rights to sell. Although it isn't the best guide out there it does have a lot of materials which you can use to get you on your way to begin selling. For example it has a basic overview of how to start making gold, different strategies such as the Auction house, etc etc. If you take a sneak peek at the screen shot below you can gain an example of what sort of information is included.


One of the main pulls of this eBook is the resources that you can use to help you on your way. Included are some affiliate websites, gallery images and basic sales pages. If you cast yours eyes below you can see what sort of information is included.


Overall this is a great package which you can use to start out in selling your WoW products on the internet. It has sales pages, and a free guide to help you along. Although this is good there are a couple of improvements that could be incorporated to make this guide even better. For example the main guide could be longer, the more length and more material you have the better you have to succeed. As well as this I also think that having more colour would make the pages look more interesting, I like colour and will always lean towards a product that captures my senses. If you really want to have the no how on how to sell products on the internet I suggest you have a look at Rich Jerks eBook, a review is located here.
But the supporting materials for this eBook bring this product up to a good stand as they defiantly a help to any one starting out.

If you think this is the eBook for you, you can find the buy it now link at the bottom of the product page located here.

Have fun in generating you own income like the pro's.

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Creating a Star Rating System"For the resources"

A Review of Team iDemise 1 -70 Alliance Levling Guide


I've recently found a really cool eBook on the web from a new group called team iDemise, who are one of the best gaming clans on the internet. Using all the knowledge they have gained from playing World of Warcraft they have put it into a fantastic eBook. They defiantly have the talent and it shines through in the eBook. If you are ready to begin I shall present you: Team iDemise 1 - 70 Alliance Leveling Guide.


This book promisies that you can get from level 1 in any race of the Alliance side, that is Humans, Night Elves, Dwarves, Draenei and Gnomes to level 70 in just days, and reading through this eBook it certainly can be done. Through out this review I am going to give you a snap shot of what is included on the pages and what you can gain from it.

The first section of this guide is the contents and tips section (although the contents was missing from my review copy) which gives you general tips and tricks to help you on your way. Below you will find a screen shot of the first couple of lines.
Although these tips may not be ground breaking they are very useful and are defiantly useful for the first time player.

Starter Zones

The begin point of every persons life in World of Warcraft. This part of a guide is very important for any player learning or indeed leveling to contend with. But this eBook is very well written and easy to follow so it shouldn't be to hard to follow and help you level as quick as possible.
If you take a look at the following image you can get an idea of what is included with the guide.

There a plenty of page which continue in such the same way for all of the starting zones, it offers detailed information of how to start out, which quests to do and how to do them effectively.

Level Zones

Much of the guide follows on in a pretty simple order, for example each of the level sections (20 - 70 at this point) are split into 10 level sections so you can quickly jump to each section to find the information you need. This of course is very useful if you just need that helping hand in an unknown corner of the Azeroth.

The image above is just a random page I picked in the 41 - 50 level sections of the eBook, its just to give you an idea of what is included and how its laid out. As you can see its really clear to use and all the links go to places like thotbot. To give you even more detail on the quests objects and other do dabs.

What Separates this from Other Guides

The reason this guide separates it self from other guide is first its price at $35 its a steal. You get over 100 pages of really detailed information which you can use and put to good use. As well as this is well written and is full of pictures links and help which you could find on obscure places on the internet but why bother since you have it all in one eBook.
Finally you also get a special bonus product which i'll explain below.


Currently the Team are working on a special web page that you can use to tick off the sections that you have completed, this would also include videos linking to that part of the web page. You can take a look at an example image below.

Please bare in mind that this is going to be a FREE update so you wont have to pay for this as a separate product. It is going to be a great feature and I think it is well worth the asking price of $35 plus the eBook.

If you think this product is for you you can go to the product page and find the buy now link at the bottom of the page. It can be yours instantly as it is a product download.
Have fun in World of Warcraft leveling you Alliance Character.

" A Worthy Buy"

Update: Hey the iDemise team have been working very hard on a cool new feature that is about to be released.
Basically the update is concerning a cool new map mod that they are going to include free, into the download package on there members area. The idea of this Mod is so you can easily find way points, quests, leveling zones within the world from you very own map. It is designed to be quick and easy to use with no fuss. Take a sneek peek at the image below for an example.

If you haven't got this eBook yet you are missing out, it is one of the upcoming eBooks and is defiantly going to be big. So get to the download page, scroll all the way down, skip all the free stuff and buy and download right now. Get it.

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Valkors Gold Making Guide eBook Review


I've recently found another amazing eBook on the internet which I am going to review for you. Entitled Valkors Gold Making Guide, it as title assumes is all about making Gold in World of Warcraft and it does it with some class. Through out this post I am going to review each section of the guide and included screen shots of what you get. If you are ready lets begin.


The first section of the eBook is the contents (as you would expect from any book) if you look below you can get an idea of how much contents there is, the screen shot below is of about half of 3 pages. So there should be plenty to read.

Valkors Gold Making Guide eBook ReviewThe eBook is split into 2 main sections. The original World of Warcraft and Burning Crusade. I will review each part. Through out this guide in the screen shots you may see different coloured text, these are external links to extra information to give you a quick over view, Green is Items, Quests and Orange, NPC's are Purple, Enemies are Red all other stuff that doesn't fall into each of the categories are Blue.

Section 1 World of Warcraft

Auction House

The first content section is all about the Auction house. A prominent part of the game is selling items though this vendor. The eBook goes into detail about how to get the most out of the AU and the best way to make profit. It goes into detail about Addon's help you sell items as well as general tips to get you 2000% profit on an item (sounds like it can't be done but there is a way). One thing I have noticed through out this guide is that it is well written, I was talking to the author and he says that he puts a lot of effort and time into making this guide as good as possible and it does deifinatly shine through.
If you look at the image below you can get an idea of what is included.
Valkors Gold Making Guide eBook Review

After you've become a master at the Auction House there is another great way to make Gold in WOW, that is professions. This guide has them all (I wouldn't be very good if it only had a couple.) These professions are Mining, Skinning, Herbalism, Fishing, Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Leather working, Tailoring.
These are split into 2 sub sections, gathering and Production/Servicing. Ill show you an example of what Valkor describes about mining.
Each section of the professions continues in the same way as the screen shot above and gives you a lot of detailed information about what do do, where to do it and how to do it in the most effective manner.
As well as this there is also a section about what is needed for profession quests and include what is needed for each quest.

Merchant Locations

There are millions of places in the World where you can get the best and the cheapest items to sell at the auction house. So to accompany this vast amount of information there is a detailed section of what to buy and where to buy it. The use of this is that you buy it cheap at a vendor and sell it for 2000% more (like I said above) at the auction house.

Valkors Gold Making Guide eBook ReviewThe above image many not mean anything but with the accompanying text you can use this to get the best profit for your character. The price shown is what it cost to buy this from a vendor, so you could make a mint on any of these products.
Valkors Gold Making Guide eBook Review
Instance Runs

Instances are areas of the game where you or your group are a separate from the rest of the game. These means you can get all the loot for yourself and you don't have to share it with people who happen to be wondering along. But which instances are the best for making a good amount of Gold and which ones are the beneficial?

Valkors Gold Making Guide eBook ReviewAs a solution to this problem of spending hours doing an Instance when you can spend 15 minutes on a shorter one these guide has an extensive review of which ones are the best. As well as this it also gives general tips on entering Instances, the quests involved and the best routes involved.

Gold Making Spots

No Gold making guide would be complete with out the infamous grind spots. These areas offer the amazing chance to pick up that legendary sword or buckets loads of Gold. But which are the best places, and which spots are a wast of your time?

This guide goes through the World and telling you the best places to grind and what items are located there.

Valkors Gold Making Guide eBook ReviewAs you can see it shows you where you can grind and what you are getting, this continues for other areas through out the game and is a really good way of getting the vest gear with out wasting your time. Its gives tips for places where you can easily earn 75 gold an hour, with minimal fuss.

Using The Market

You have loads of gear that you want to sell but how do you sell it? Thats why you read the Auction House/Market section of the eBook. It gives detailed information about the best ways to make a good impression to other players, how to get the best price for an item, using the trade channel effectively, controlling the market, setting up auctions, and a very cool secret tip the could potentially earn you loads of Gold. I would tell you here but that would be giving the game away.

Gold Tips

One of the best sections of the guide is the tips that it offers about general gold making tips. For example it gives tips on making the most out of server maintenance, how you can make the best of server restart. These tips are priceless and can definitively give you an edge over the other players on your server.
Some other tips include, Transmuting, Healing, Guilds, Seasonal Items, Grinding.

Low Level Strategies

Most tips and tricks that are present in many guides are for high level characters only, the problem with this is that many newer lower level characters need the gold but don't have the means to do it. This guide has a solution to this ever so vital problem. In this specific section of this eBook it has plenty of tips and tricks to help lower level characters on there way.
If you take a look at the image below it gives a great example of what you can find while reading this eBook.

Valkors Gold Making Guide eBook ReviewYou still with me, good. After you have gnawed your way through the first half of this book you can now go into the Burning Crusade section. At over 40 pages this is really detailed, and is a good read for any one level 60 and over who wants a helping hand finding those good spots in game and working towards that legendary mount.

Burning Crusade

Motes and Primal's

Motes and Primals are need by nearly every profession to craft a lot of higher end items and as a result sell for a lot more Gold, to create Primals you will need 10 motes of the same type, there are many ways to get these but which are the best places.
This eBook goes into create detail, of which ones to collect and which places give you the best drops. For example there are places for Primal Air, Primal Earth, Primal Fire, Primal Life, Primal Mana, Primal Shadow, Primal Water and a summary all listed with in end pages of this guide. Create if you need a helping hand.

Valkors Gold Making Guide eBook Review

One of the unknown features of World of Warcraft is reputation, many items are bind on pickup so are know good if you want to sell them. But there many items in Burning Crusade that are not bind on pickup, meaning these high value items you can sell for loads of gold.
these eBook like all the sections of this book has lots of detail, about the best place to get this high value stuff. Some of the best tips in the whole book are located here.

Outland Locations

A bit like the section in the first half of the guide there is a dedicated area of this eBook telling you the best places to get all of your high quality and cheap gear to sell. This can be used to make more money since your buying low selling high. There are some great vendors out there that are selling goods at a really cheap price. You just need to know where to look.

Outland Gold Making Tips

Many creatures in WOW re spawn after a period of time and the best way to make the most money is to go around the land in a loop killing the same creature after it re spawns. In this eBook it tells you many tips and tricks for such a route. As well as many more that are create for making lots of gold.

Valkors Gold Making Guide eBook Review

Finally this is one of the best eBook I have ever seen it has so much detail inside, jam packed with over a hundred pages of tips tricks and guides for making the most gold in World of Warcraft. Although this guide is good there are a couple of points that could make it even better. For example the page could have a bit more colour, i'm used to a lot of colour and detail, I think this guide was missing some of it. A couple more images would make this guide even better although there are already plenty you can always do with more.

To conclude, this guide is jam packed it has loads of detail and is very well written. I was speaking to the author and he says that he is constantly updating the guide. He has upgraded it 4 times in this month alone. It doesn't tell you who to hack, cheat or work around any part of the game, full legal.
Valkors Gold Making Guide eBook Review
If you wish to purchase this eBook and see for your self how good it is you can find the product page here. It offers some of the best tips tricks and round. Priced at $37 its a steal. You could spend ages trying to find this sort of information free on the internet but why bother when you get is so cheaply and quickly from the book. After buying you can be downloading the file within minutes. No waiting around.

Valkors Gold Making Guide eBook Review

5 Stars" A Must Buy"

World of Warcraft Joanas Horde Leveling Guide (Levels 1 - 70)


You may remember a while back I brought you a review on Brian Kopps World of Warcraft1-70 Alliance Guide. Many people thought this review was great and really enjoyed the eBook. But what about people who played on the Horde? Is there a leveling guide out there for you. Look no further because I have found one and it is brilliant at giving you the best tips. Entitled World of Warcraft Joanas Horde Leveling Guide (1-70) it has every thing needed for a Horde leveling player. If you are ready I will give you an overview of what the book contains.


The eBook is split into 3 versions. The main leveling horde guide for your original race characters (Undead, Tauren, Orks and Trolls) as well as a guide for the new Blood Elf race in Burning Crusade. The third part of the guide is for Outland but I will come to that part later.

The main part of the guide is split into 2 parts. The general leveling section and the tips and tricks section. If you take a look at the contents page you can see how much is included in the leveling section alone.

World of Warcraft Joanas Horde Leveling Guide (Levels 1 - 70)
Just bare in mind that the contents does continue, my screen isn't large enough to display it all for the screen shot.

Level Areas

Off the introduction and contents of the eBook you get to the specific level areas. This is where the fun begins. Each section as defined in the contents is split into level section areas, 1 - 12, 12 - 15 and so on. Within this each step is labeled. With the best possible way to to do each steps. For example:

01) I do every single quest in Durotar! Here's the fastest way to do em:
02) Start off doing "Cutting Teeth"
So on and so forth. This continues down the page for 80 steps for level 1 - 12. Each step has an included picture and coordinate so you can correspond as you go around on you questing. If you take a look at the image you will get a better look at what you can do and how it relates to your travels.

World of Warcraft Joanas Horde Leveling Guide (Levels 1 - 70)The text that is maroon are hunter specific. So for some of the parts are not applicable to other races although there is always something to do.
As well as this you may notice that there are links to videos (step 34 for instance) these are at all the ends of the sections. With both high and low quality links (depending on your bandwidth) which show you step by step what she does in the game. This is a great help if you are stuck on a bit and want a but of a helping hand. These videos are hosted at stage6 and Google video for convenience of watching them any where in the world.

Tips and Tricks Section

The final section of the eBook is the tips and tricks section. This is used to give you the tips and tricks that she uses through out the game. I shall take one of the many examples to give you an idea of what sort of information is included.

9. Before I go out questing, I make sure I have plenty of food/water/bullets or arrows/and repaired, so I can last hours before returning to town.
There are many more tips and tricks like this. Which are defiantly worth learning for any level of player if your a noob or veteran these tips are useful.

As well as this there is also a break down of what she uses with the points that you gain while you are leveling. These again are useful for any player and give a good insight into how she levels so quickly and how you can emulate this speed (or get a head over the enemy).

World of Warcraft Joanas Horde Leveling Guide (Levels 1 - 70)
As well as this there is also an extensive list of short cuts she uses so you can mod and fiddle with your layout to get the best possible speed for leveling while on your quests.

Blood Elfs
World of Warcraft Joanas Horde Leveling Guide (Levels 1 - 70)
The Blood Elf guide which shows you the specific leveling techniques. It is very similar to the main guide. It is just split off for the new Burning Crusade as this guide was written later. As usual this is still a great guide and is very well written and is full of information which you can use. If you see the screen shot below it shows some of the examples of how the guide is written.

World of Warcraft Joanas Horde Leveling Guide (Levels 1 - 70)

OutlandWorld of Warcraft Joanas Horde Leveling Guide (Levels 1 - 70)

The final part of this 3 part epic is about the outland areas of the game. This part, again, is similar to the other two parts. It is split up into level areas with a general guide to progressing as quick as possible through the game. Each section, as before, is numbered with maps on the left to show you what to do in each part of the game. At this point it is not as in depth as the other sections but would probably be completed to the same standard in an update.


To conclude this is a great eBook that is defiantly a must buy for any one who wants a helping hand in leveling any Horde character in World of Warcraft. To Conclude this eBook has:
  • No cheats, hacks are illegal mod used
  • Videos for every step
  • All starting areas covered
  • Every point listed
  • Maps of every move
  • Pointers in Outland
  • Free updates
If you want to get a piece of the action you can find the product page here. The buy now button is at the bottom of the page. You will get an instant download of the product ready to use on any operating system.

This guide is priced at $37 and is well worth the money, every penny. You really can't level with out it. Download now.

4 Stars" A Worthy Product"

World Of Warcraft Brian Kopps 1-70 Alliance Guide.


This is one of the first eBooks that I am going to be reviewing on World of Warcraft eBooks and I must say that it is one of the best. Entitled World Of Warcraft Brian Kopps 1-70 Alliance Guide. It is all about leveling and improving your Alliance Character in the World of Warcraft.
This guide was written by Brian for any class. Although it is written from a hunter class, it can be picked up by anyone and used by any alliance race. People that say its only for hunter is wrong. This guide is also written for the Burning Crusade expansion pack so your not left out if you want to use the new Draenei race.

Through out this review I will explain each part of the guide so you can get a better understanding of what is included before you put your money down. For any of the images clicking them will take you to a larger version.

General Tips

At the beginning of the eBook, past all of the welcome message is the tips section. Part of it acting on how to use the eBook it gives some basic tips which can be used to help you go through the game and level you character in the most effective means possible.

For example on tip present isWorld Of Warcraft Brian Kopps 1-70 Alliance Guide

"If you ever find yourself running from any monsters, strafe left and right fast. The monster follows the same path you do so when you turn or go left, it does too. This really slows them down and will almost always allow you to get away. This is also how you train mobs because they can’t keep up with you unless they’re really fast."
This like one of the many tips present is a real insight. I didn't really know how to use this, I've been playing for a medium length of time and this really helped me out.
through out his guide there are loads of tips like this. They just really help you out when your in a time of need.

Starting Areas

After you have read and hopefully learned all of the tips the guide follows onto the starting areas. As you may be well aware this is where you character starts out when you pick a new character. These are Human, Night Elf, Gnome, Dwarf and Draenei and all have specific starting guides for each area. Except Dwarf/Gnome as these start in the same area.

World Of Warcraft Brian Kopps 1-70 Alliance GuideThe image above shows what is included in each of the starting areas. This part of the starting guide continues to 92 steps each with links to images and quest helps from places like Thottbot. This is just an example but it is very similar for all of the other races.

Level Area

The next step of the guide continues much on the same level for each of the races. It goes through each of the level areas tells you which quests are the best to complete and where to move on next. Each is plain English and very easy to follow. There are no complicated moves or routes that you have to take.
It doesn't say stay in this spot and grind here for 10 hours. Thats boring and people would get very bored very quickly. Its all done through quests which makes it so fun to accomplish and rewarding.

The Mod

Of course one of the other great features that is also included with the eBook package is the mod that comes with it. Used to help you find the item and quest locations it is a great help.

World Of Warcraft Brian Kopps 1-70 Alliance Guide
This a tremendous help. You of course don't need to wonder around aimlessly that is mentioned over there in the distance somewhere you can get to the location precisely. With out the need to fumble about.

The Outland (Level 60 -70)

As well as the 1 - 60 levels that you can go through. You can also quest and level through Outland present in the expansion pack The Burning Crusade. As part of the added on feature it again details every little move that you have to go through. Including maps with coordinates it is very clear what you need to do. For example take a look at the following picture.

World Of Warcraft Brian Kopps 1-70 Alliance GuideOf course this is very similar to the other parts of the guide (Note the Red indicates items). This part of the guide is really detailed and gives you a lot of insight on how to complete this part of outland.


One final note, this is a great eBook and I suggest that you visit the product page and click the buy now at the bottom on the page because this is definitely the eBook to buy if you need any help in leveling and playing you World of Warcraft Alliance Character.

Just a quick recap:
  • Digital Download
  • Mac and PC Compatible, its in .Pdf format.
  • NO hacks, cheats or work around's used. This guide is 100% legitimate. You will not get you account banned.
  • 100's of pages of tips. As shown in the above images these are jam packed quality tips to help you out.
  • Available for all Races and Class in WOW.
  • Will help any level of player.
So I suggest you visit the Product Page, scroll all the way down and click order now and get you eBook within minutes. Priced at only $35 it is a bargain. You cannot go wrong.

World Of Warcraft Brian Kopps 1-70 Alliance Guide
4 Stars" A Worthy Product"



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