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Creating Your Own WoW Business (YOWB) eBook Review


This week I have found a new eBook related to World of Warcraft, but with a little twist. Instead of the usual of leveling or gold guides, this eBook is deigned to give you information about how to make a business out of selling World of Warcraft eBooks. This also includes a complementary eBook which you can sell on to start earning yourself profit. This eBook and the supporting materials is called Your Own WoW Business Set Up Guide or (YOWB for short).

There are a couple of different resources included with this guide: The How-to eBook which tells you what to do, Thinecrons Gold Guide, Affiliate Website, Sales Pages, and eBay Gallery Images. In this review I am going to give a brief over view of each section, so you can get a general idea of what you would be getting if you buy this product.

Your Own WoW Business Guide

This eBook, contains a far amount of detail in the small amount of pages that it contains. The main layout of the eBook is as follows: Guide Selling Tools, eBay, The Web, Affiliate Website and finally Conclusion.

Throughout the eBook it does link to the resource sales materials that are included, so you do have a basis to work on. Through out the eBook it tells you how to use it part of the resources effectively. For example if you take a look at the following screen shot you see what I mean.


One of the first sections of the eBook is about selling on eBay. It gives instructions on how to setup and eBay auction, good keywords to use when selling your World of Warcraft product.

After you have been quizzed up on selling on eBay there is a dedicated section to selling stuff on the web. From person experience there is a lot of ways to make money on the internet, and one of the major places if from websites.

The Web

The next section of the eBook is dedicated to selling eBook products through the internet. This can be done through affiliate marketing such as Clickbank or by a dedicated website direct to buyers.

This part of the eBook gives a lot of information regarding how to sell your products it gives detailed information on how to do this, for example setting up a website, designing it through a web design software.

The Other Stuff

Although the guide may not be that long it does have a lot of supporting materials. For example Thinecrons Gold Guide. Which on its own is a great guide in its self.

Thinecrons Gold Guide

Thinecrons Gold Guide is the free guide you get which yo have rights to sell. Although it isn't the best guide out there it does have a lot of materials which you can use to get you on your way to begin selling. For example it has a basic overview of how to start making gold, different strategies such as the Auction house, etc etc. If you take a sneak peek at the screen shot below you can gain an example of what sort of information is included.


One of the main pulls of this eBook is the resources that you can use to help you on your way. Included are some affiliate websites, gallery images and basic sales pages. If you cast yours eyes below you can see what sort of information is included.


Overall this is a great package which you can use to start out in selling your WoW products on the internet. It has sales pages, and a free guide to help you along. Although this is good there are a couple of improvements that could be incorporated to make this guide even better. For example the main guide could be longer, the more length and more material you have the better you have to succeed. As well as this I also think that having more colour would make the pages look more interesting, I like colour and will always lean towards a product that captures my senses. If you really want to have the no how on how to sell products on the internet I suggest you have a look at Rich Jerks eBook, a review is located here.
But the supporting materials for this eBook bring this product up to a good stand as they defiantly a help to any one starting out.

If you think this is the eBook for you, you can find the buy it now link at the bottom of the product page located here.

Have fun in generating you own income like the pro's.

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