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Valkors Gold Making Guide eBook Review


I've recently found another amazing eBook on the internet which I am going to review for you. Entitled Valkors Gold Making Guide, it as title assumes is all about making Gold in World of Warcraft and it does it with some class. Through out this post I am going to review each section of the guide and included screen shots of what you get. If you are ready lets begin.


The first section of the eBook is the contents (as you would expect from any book) if you look below you can get an idea of how much contents there is, the screen shot below is of about half of 3 pages. So there should be plenty to read.

Valkors Gold Making Guide eBook ReviewThe eBook is split into 2 main sections. The original World of Warcraft and Burning Crusade. I will review each part. Through out this guide in the screen shots you may see different coloured text, these are external links to extra information to give you a quick over view, Green is Items, Quests and Orange, NPC's are Purple, Enemies are Red all other stuff that doesn't fall into each of the categories are Blue.

Section 1 World of Warcraft

Auction House

The first content section is all about the Auction house. A prominent part of the game is selling items though this vendor. The eBook goes into detail about how to get the most out of the AU and the best way to make profit. It goes into detail about Addon's help you sell items as well as general tips to get you 2000% profit on an item (sounds like it can't be done but there is a way). One thing I have noticed through out this guide is that it is well written, I was talking to the author and he says that he puts a lot of effort and time into making this guide as good as possible and it does deifinatly shine through.
If you look at the image below you can get an idea of what is included.
Valkors Gold Making Guide eBook Review

After you've become a master at the Auction House there is another great way to make Gold in WOW, that is professions. This guide has them all (I wouldn't be very good if it only had a couple.) These professions are Mining, Skinning, Herbalism, Fishing, Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Leather working, Tailoring.
These are split into 2 sub sections, gathering and Production/Servicing. Ill show you an example of what Valkor describes about mining.
Each section of the professions continues in the same way as the screen shot above and gives you a lot of detailed information about what do do, where to do it and how to do it in the most effective manner.
As well as this there is also a section about what is needed for profession quests and include what is needed for each quest.

Merchant Locations

There are millions of places in the World where you can get the best and the cheapest items to sell at the auction house. So to accompany this vast amount of information there is a detailed section of what to buy and where to buy it. The use of this is that you buy it cheap at a vendor and sell it for 2000% more (like I said above) at the auction house.

Valkors Gold Making Guide eBook ReviewThe above image many not mean anything but with the accompanying text you can use this to get the best profit for your character. The price shown is what it cost to buy this from a vendor, so you could make a mint on any of these products.
Valkors Gold Making Guide eBook Review
Instance Runs

Instances are areas of the game where you or your group are a separate from the rest of the game. These means you can get all the loot for yourself and you don't have to share it with people who happen to be wondering along. But which instances are the best for making a good amount of Gold and which ones are the beneficial?

Valkors Gold Making Guide eBook ReviewAs a solution to this problem of spending hours doing an Instance when you can spend 15 minutes on a shorter one these guide has an extensive review of which ones are the best. As well as this it also gives general tips on entering Instances, the quests involved and the best routes involved.

Gold Making Spots

No Gold making guide would be complete with out the infamous grind spots. These areas offer the amazing chance to pick up that legendary sword or buckets loads of Gold. But which are the best places, and which spots are a wast of your time?

This guide goes through the World and telling you the best places to grind and what items are located there.

Valkors Gold Making Guide eBook ReviewAs you can see it shows you where you can grind and what you are getting, this continues for other areas through out the game and is a really good way of getting the vest gear with out wasting your time. Its gives tips for places where you can easily earn 75 gold an hour, with minimal fuss.

Using The Market

You have loads of gear that you want to sell but how do you sell it? Thats why you read the Auction House/Market section of the eBook. It gives detailed information about the best ways to make a good impression to other players, how to get the best price for an item, using the trade channel effectively, controlling the market, setting up auctions, and a very cool secret tip the could potentially earn you loads of Gold. I would tell you here but that would be giving the game away.

Gold Tips

One of the best sections of the guide is the tips that it offers about general gold making tips. For example it gives tips on making the most out of server maintenance, how you can make the best of server restart. These tips are priceless and can definitively give you an edge over the other players on your server.
Some other tips include, Transmuting, Healing, Guilds, Seasonal Items, Grinding.

Low Level Strategies

Most tips and tricks that are present in many guides are for high level characters only, the problem with this is that many newer lower level characters need the gold but don't have the means to do it. This guide has a solution to this ever so vital problem. In this specific section of this eBook it has plenty of tips and tricks to help lower level characters on there way.
If you take a look at the image below it gives a great example of what you can find while reading this eBook.

Valkors Gold Making Guide eBook ReviewYou still with me, good. After you have gnawed your way through the first half of this book you can now go into the Burning Crusade section. At over 40 pages this is really detailed, and is a good read for any one level 60 and over who wants a helping hand finding those good spots in game and working towards that legendary mount.

Burning Crusade

Motes and Primal's

Motes and Primals are need by nearly every profession to craft a lot of higher end items and as a result sell for a lot more Gold, to create Primals you will need 10 motes of the same type, there are many ways to get these but which are the best places.
This eBook goes into create detail, of which ones to collect and which places give you the best drops. For example there are places for Primal Air, Primal Earth, Primal Fire, Primal Life, Primal Mana, Primal Shadow, Primal Water and a summary all listed with in end pages of this guide. Create if you need a helping hand.

Valkors Gold Making Guide eBook Review

One of the unknown features of World of Warcraft is reputation, many items are bind on pickup so are know good if you want to sell them. But there many items in Burning Crusade that are not bind on pickup, meaning these high value items you can sell for loads of gold.
these eBook like all the sections of this book has lots of detail, about the best place to get this high value stuff. Some of the best tips in the whole book are located here.

Outland Locations

A bit like the section in the first half of the guide there is a dedicated area of this eBook telling you the best places to get all of your high quality and cheap gear to sell. This can be used to make more money since your buying low selling high. There are some great vendors out there that are selling goods at a really cheap price. You just need to know where to look.

Outland Gold Making Tips

Many creatures in WOW re spawn after a period of time and the best way to make the most money is to go around the land in a loop killing the same creature after it re spawns. In this eBook it tells you many tips and tricks for such a route. As well as many more that are create for making lots of gold.

Valkors Gold Making Guide eBook Review

Finally this is one of the best eBook I have ever seen it has so much detail inside, jam packed with over a hundred pages of tips tricks and guides for making the most gold in World of Warcraft. Although this guide is good there are a couple of points that could make it even better. For example the page could have a bit more colour, i'm used to a lot of colour and detail, I think this guide was missing some of it. A couple more images would make this guide even better although there are already plenty you can always do with more.

To conclude, this guide is jam packed it has loads of detail and is very well written. I was speaking to the author and he says that he is constantly updating the guide. He has upgraded it 4 times in this month alone. It doesn't tell you who to hack, cheat or work around any part of the game, full legal.
Valkors Gold Making Guide eBook Review
If you wish to purchase this eBook and see for your self how good it is you can find the product page here. It offers some of the best tips tricks and round. Priced at $37 its a steal. You could spend ages trying to find this sort of information free on the internet but why bother when you get is so cheaply and quickly from the book. After buying you can be downloading the file within minutes. No waiting around.

Valkors Gold Making Guide eBook Review

5 Stars" A Must Buy"

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