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Joans and Brians Guide Have Been Updated


You may no that a long time ago I review Brian's and Joana's guide for world of Warcraft. These guide written specifically for Horde and Alliance have been updated. These guides are some of the best for leveling and increasing your characters stats through out the game. You can find Joana's guide here and Brian's guide here. They are fantastic to use. Recommended.

Zygor's Alliance and Horde World of Warcraft 1-70 Leveling Guides


I've found another really cool guide on the internet that you could look at. I believe that every one should have the chance to decided what sort of guide from which company they want to buy, hence why I am showing this to you. Its called Zygor's Alliance and Horde World of Warcraft 1-70 Leveling Guides.

Basically this guide is all about different guides to help you in leveling either your Horde or Alliance character. You to choose from either ebook to download. Included in the package there are a variety of cool features which you can use within game. For example there is a plugin that shows you on your map when you are nearing a point on the map. This is really cool if you ever get lost.

There is a lot of information included in this guide. There are 300 pages of top quality information for you. There are general tips and tricks to help you through the game. Over all there is about a 90/10 split of questing to grinding. You don't want to spend all time grinding while playing WOW. There are starter guides for both sides so you wont miss out.

Each cost $29.99 so its a bargain for anyone. So download it here.

Payment Processing Outage

Hey There

I've justed been discussing a problem with a couple of people that are having trouble paying for the cool products they want to buy. The simple answer is that the payment processing website is having a bit of trouble. But DON'T panic. The best bet is to bookmark my page and come back later. They are coming back online they just has some sort of trouble. Probably forgot to switch the servers on. Any way have fun and enjoy playing World of Warcraft.

Update: This has now been solved.

Valkors Guide Has Been Updated

Hey There

There are some really cool eBooks on the internet on how to make gold or level your character in World of Warcraft. One of the best is Valkors Gold Making Guide. Available for $37 it is one of the best guides out there. This is just a quick update to tell you that the guide has been updated with new information. This should be ready for download any time soon. Now is the best time to get this guide.

By the way if you want to get some free stuff included with this guide then you have to act quick. Possibly ending on the 1st of October is a free offer which includes:

• A Burning Crusade Gold Making Guide that covers everything you need to know about making Gold in the Outlands.
• You will also receive free access to the Profession Leveling Guides section so you can get your skill from 1 to 375 FAST!
• Also, don't forget after you purchase your guide to read the details at the end to see how you can get a FREE 60 Day WOW Game Card!!! That alone covers the cost of this guide so what are you waiting for? You having absolutely NOTHING to lose.

Get it now before it is to late.

Dereks Warcraft Riches (Gold Guide)


Now Dereks Warcraft Gold Guidee is one of the best guides out there for making your own Gold. It has so many secrets that the amount of money you could make is unbelievable. I will give you an example of what it includes and why you should be buying this guide.

Why Should You Get This Guide?

Buy gold in WoW is for noobs and idiots. Within ten minutes of receiving your gold you could have spent it and wasted hundreds of dollars. As well as this you could also get your WoW account banned. So what do you do? You get this guide so you can grind (but not a lot of it), farm and hunt for tips and tricks in getting the most gold out of your character. These tips are taken straight from gold farmers. These sort of people get very annoyed by this.

Whats Included?

By buying this guide priced only at $47 (which is a steal, you can make this back in no time) you get 110 pages of packed information filled to the brim with tips, tricks routes and more helping you get the most gold as possible. There is no fluff or padding. As well there is also links to places link Throtbott, so you have the best tips possible.

The 10 Reasons for Getting This Book

  1. I show you everything you need to know about gold farming. You can be a noob, you an be experienced, it doesn't matter because I can take you that extra step to turn thousands of gold over to your account.
  2. Derek's Gold Mastery Guide is detailed with maps, screenshots, item stats, and pictures to give you the keys you how to unlock loads of gold.
  3. My guide will give you a wealth of knowledge based on WoW and how to Farm Gold - The money you spend on this guide is in no way comparable to the amount of gold you could buy at the same price! You will save tons of money!
  4. I take you on a step-by-step journey of my experiences in WoW. I will hold nothing back and reveal to you everything I know about the game and how to become a successful player to make your friends WISH they were you.
  5. Every tactic in my guide is 100% legit and legal! Nothing inside of this guide will be harmful to your account!
  6. Derek's Gold Mastery Guide will teach you how to find those SECRET grinding spots filled with hundreds of gold just waiting to be tapped by players. Will you be the one to get them first on your server?
  7. I will also reveal to you my tactics of making gold inside of the game without being logged in! This means you can level your other characters while still making HUGE profits! (if you're anything like me, this secret will blow your mind!
  8. I reveal to you an updated version of my item lists, that gives you every item there is to make money off of. Not only this but I show you how I grab these items quickly and how to sell them off while making hundreds of gold.
  9. I show you why many players fail at making gold. I will explain why they are using failing, and how you can avoid following their footsteps. Instead of being one of the players failing, you will not be making money off of those players!
  10. For the first time EVER I finally reveal the top 3 professions! (..and it's not what you think it is!) I show you the three professions, how to level them quickly, and how to use them to turn profits that your character has never seen before. It's very simple but a majority of players OVERLOOK these professions.

If you are a high, low, experienced, inexperienced or lazy player there are tips in this book for everyone. There is so much content that you don't have to spend all the time grinding.
There are no hacks, exploits, cracks, cheats or any other techniques that will get you account banned. They are all legitimate methods.


The next 25 people (which is going to end soon, there is a lot of interest in this product) also get:
  1. Lifetime Free Updates: I am always adding new content to this guide. You will receive free updates forever! With new patches information gets outdated. With lifetime updates you will know you have the most current information for gold farming.
  2. Lifetime Subscription to DGMG Newsletter: If you order today you will have access to join the DGMG Newsletter. Some gold farming strategies are VERY time sensitive. It's best that I contact you immediately with information to collect masses of gold. With free access to the newsletter you will be able to stay FAR ahead of your competition.
  3. Profession Speed-leveling guide: The quickest and best way to level professions. The secrets of profession leveling unlocked inside of this guide. You will have the gold, now you can level your professions INSTANTLY.
  4. Ultimate Fishing Guide: Fishing is one of the greatest ways to make gold if you know how to use it! I show you the best ways to level fishing, and use fishing to bring in masses of gold. You can now win the Booty Bay Fishing contest with EASE!

So if you think this eBook is for you you can order it now for $47. Click here to visit the product page and scroll all the way down for the purchase link.